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Before and After

Before and After

A closer look at our patients’ experience

Anybody can claim to have the latest technology. We pride ourselves in understanding how and when to use it. This approach helps us deliver the best treatment in the correct way for each of our patients. Below are a few examples of some of the procedures we perform at Lumos Dental. For more information we invite you to contact our office and set up a consultation.

Four anterior crowns

All on 4 implant case completed by Dr. You and Dr. Wiener

A gum graft is done to correct receding gums. This is an important surgical procedure because gum recession exposes the roots of your teeth which can lead to tooth decay.

Gum disease is one of the leading causes for tooth loss and can impact the whole body health.

Full mouth extraction, full mouth of implants by Dr. You & Dr. Wiener

In a single four-hour visit, Dr. You transformed this patient’s imperfect smile into one that appears naturally beautiful and flawless. By fabricating and placing all-ceramic Emax crowns on the front four incisors, Dr. You gave this patient an aesthetically pleasing smile that’s also strong, durable, and long-lasting.

We were able to give this patient a new smile in one, time-saving visit! We utilized conservative dentistry by minimally preparing only four of his front teeth. We fabricated his porcelain veneers in the office using our CEREC technology and bonded them all before lunch was served. This patient was thrilled with the result and smile transformation!

We were able to help this patient, who was undergoing extensive medical treatment and suffering from severe dry mouth. She developed many areas of cavities and was losing confidence from the darkness and voids they were causing in her smile. We were able to remove the cavities and fabricate new porcelain crowns for her. Not only are her teeth healthier and decay-free, she has her confidence back with a killer smile!

This case demonstrates the benefits of a close collaboration between our general dentist, Dr. Jennifer You, and our periodontist, Dr. Michael Weiner.

As evident in the “Before” photo, this patient’s lower front teeth were severely compromised by gum disease and bone loss. In addition to the front four lower requiring extractions, a bone graft procedure to augment the dental ridge was also performed.

Because the patient required extensive medical treatment and preferred not to wear a removable temporary prosthesis until dental care could resume, the canines were crowned, and a temporary fixed bridge was placed.

As seen in the “After” photo, when dental care finally resumed, a permanent, beautiful, and well-matched zirconia fixed bridge completely transforms the appearance of this patient’s smile.

Six ceramic crowns and veneers were installed to improve the patients smile, giving her a beautiful and natural smile.

Gum lift surgery (crown lengthening procedure) was completed by Dr. Michael Wiener). After the tissue healed, the replacement of single tooth with CEREC crown (crown made in one day) was completed to improve the patient's smile.

Minimally-invasive treatment using injectable flowable composites to restore the patient's lateral teeth. The patient wanted to change and improve the size of of the lateral teeth to compliment her smile after Invisalign treatment was completed in the office.

A single CEREC crown (crown in a day) was fabricated in the office to replace the fractured crown and restore the patient's smile.

The repair of a fractured front tooth due to trauma. A composite restoration (tooth-colored, bonded filling) was used to repair this tooth in less than 1 hour.

Two ceramic CEREC crowns (crowns made in one day) were fabricated and custom stained in the office for a natural appearance. This procedure was performed to repair broken teeth and improve patients smile.

Crown Lengthening

KoR and Veneers

Invisalign Therapy

KOR Whitening / CEREC Technology Crowns

You will feel better about yourself for having met us.

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